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What is Quiran? Edit

Quiran [ 'ki ɾan ] is a constructed, alpha-syllabary writing system. Constructed, meaning that Quiran is not developed through a natural process, but is purely designed by its creator. A writing system is a way to visually represent abstract meanings. for example, languages or numbers. Quiran, however, is a writing system dedicated to being adapted to other languages, anyone can use Quiran for their languages if those languages are suitable. Just like any writing system, let's say the Latin alphabets, it can be used for many languages but they all follow similar rules, the letter "A" is always going to be a vowel despite the different pronunciations in different languages, there is a set of rules that applies for any adaption of Quiran.

At this point, Quiran doesn't have its own language, but the writing system itself does have standard pronunciations, meaning that any written word in Quiran can be pronounced, but those pronunciations are for showcasing only.

Classification Edit

Quiran is an alpha-syllabary, or "semi-syllabary" writing system. What particular category of writing system does Quiran belong to can be a tricky question, since Quiran does not follow the pattern of most existing writing systems. In its normal use, Quiran behaves both as an alphabet (each letter or "grapheme" spells a single sound) and a syllabary (each letter spells a series of sounds). In the scope of Quiran, what referred to as a "syllable", is a single consonant sound followed by a single vowel sound.

Our Community Edit

The Quiran writing system has been fully designed, so this Wiki's main purpose is for showcasing and documenting. Comments and discussions are welcomed, as the author is working on other projects related to the Quiran writing system. Please share your thoughts and feelings about the project! You're also welcomed to point out mistakes including typos, misuse of vocabulary or terminology, problems with linguistics concepts, etc. However, editing on any core content of the Wiki will not be accepted.

Current Status of the Quiran Wiki Edit

Currently, the Quiran Wiki is being developed and at its infancy.

Here is a list of available pages:

All Quiran letters in this Wiki are shown as images, as Quiran doesn't have a Unicode encoding yet. Also, Quiran does not have a well-designed font, it currently uses a font converted from uniformly widened lines, and in some cases, they perform badly from an aesthetic perspective. I will keep working on designing Quiran's first font in the future.

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