Compound Letters Chart Without Pronunciation Edit

Compound Letters Chart-01

This chart includes all 152 Quiran compound letters with their corresponding base letters.

The top-left corner is an overview of the chart's layout. On top of the chart (red-colored section), the first row is vowel base letters; the second row is vowel base letters with their vowel modifiers, the third row is the corresponding vowel compound letter. On the left side of the chart (blue-colored section), the first column is consonant base letters; the second column is the consonant base letters with their consonant modifiers, the third column is the corresponding consonant compound letters. The rest of the chart is the syllable section. Inside the syllable section, each row represents one consonant and each column represents one vowel, and each cell is the syllable letter that combines the two.

Compound Letters Chart With Pronunciation Edit

Compound Letters with pronunciation-01-0
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